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'AIDT': An Automated Intelligent Design Tool

How could the AEC industry change through Artificial Intelligence?

AIDT has been invented to provide architects with an automated intelligent tool. With AIDT, the architect can design and modify the residential design projects in a real-time feedback loop. AIDT has created a bridge between physical and digital interfaces through Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Architects and clients can design through the physical interface and benefit from the 2D plan, 3D model, besides structure, function, and energy analytics tools in a digital interface. It makes them have better decision-making in a real-time feedback loop.

We currently expect that with the AIDT tool, the design process of residential projects will be decreased from months to days. And now we can imagine by adding an Automated Intelligent Construction Tool in the development of this research, the design process and construction project will be integrated into one automated intelligent tool.

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